Thursday, December 27, 2007

Katnook Founder's Block 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia)

On occasion I will put some wine away in a box for later consumption, just to see how it will age - the Ontario wines end up on either my Taste it Again or Lost & Found blog; the "foreign" wines have had nowhere to go - until now. This was my first screwcap lay down ... and it garnered some interesting results. The inside of the cap was thick and cakey like a paint can, with wine sediment and sludge, I dipped my finger in to test it and found this was actually the case - interesting. The nose started out kinda funny, but finally did come about giving off cedar, vanilla and cinnamon ... some anise poked out too. After some aeration, which I brought about by using this cool little gadget called a VersoVino (a by the glass decanter - see my review in Newsletter #76) brought forth some cherries and red fruit notes. The taste was all black fruit though- cassis, vanilla, oak, black currant, pepper with a black licorice and cinnamon finish ... the VersaVino did the trick of softening the heavy fruit and making it even more palatable. (published August 29, 2008 - wine tasted December 27, 2007)

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