Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Carrick Gravel Run Cider (Ontario)

Sausage and Cider, what could go better together?  Yes I hear you purist saying that beer is also a perfect accompaniment but we had Cider on hand so that is what we went with.  Smoked garlic sausages from the Best Little Pork Shoppe (Shakespeare, Ontario), served with a side of Sauerkraut (from the same shoppe) and a little Kraft Dinner with extra cheese on the side, to round out the meal.  I had recently acquired some wines from a little winery in Midway, Ontario and I felt the best way to get a taste of their Cider was with a meal.  This Gravel Run Cider is their lightest offering of the Cider varieties (they make two), it's off-dry and slightly carbonated.  Light and crisp with a touch of sweetness this one is very gulpable and with a finish that had some length.  Maybe a little too light to accompany the dinner we had, but on its own it was a delight.

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Winelady@Mildmay said...

Hello...Thanks for visiting our winery in Bruce County Ontario, glad you enjoyed the Cider.We are delighted that more and more folks are discovering Carrick Wine and Ciders. FYI, its Mildmay,not Midway...and we are proud to be the "Gateway to the Bruce" :)