Saturday, December 21, 2013

St. Francis 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County (California)

We arrive in Michigan for the holidays early on Saturday morning.  We do a little shopping at that French bulls-eye store everyone talks about known as Tar-jay (Target) and then we head over to Meijer for a look-see at the groceries on our list to take home.  Once done I wonder into the wine department to grab a couple of bottles for the next few days.  I am heading over to see my buddy Dave at Champane Wine Cellars in a few days so I just need a couple till I get there to discuss wine, have a drink and buy some interesting bottles.  The first bottle I picked up was this bottle of St. Francis Sonoma Cabernet: nose of  black currant, smoked-blackberry, and cinnamon; while the palate had some mocha notes along with smoked currants, black cherry, and some mean-spirited blueberry skin tannins.  There also seems to be a grittiness to the finish that is not tannin related.  This one's not much of a sipper as the drying finish could be seen as more food based ... maybe with the pizza proposed for dinner tonight.  Turns out it was okay with dinner, but those tannins and that grit never seem to mellow.

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