Thursday, October 15, 2009

Liberty School 2003 Syrah (California)

For somebody who has all kinds of glassware I am surprised that I do not have a glass devoted to the Shiraz/Syrah grape, especially because there is so much of the stuff made; but i have always contended that what you really need on your glass rack is a good red glass and a good white glass and those should get you through on 99% of all occasions. Tonight, I popped the cork on a bottle of California Syrah, at first I pulled out my Pinot Noir glass, then I second guessed myself and pulled out the Bordeaux style glass, all the time in a quandary over which glass to use. If indeed it is a Syrah, then the Pinot glass would do, if it turns out it was a bigger fruitier version (Shiraz with a Syrah name) then the Bordeaux would do. So instead of agonizing over it I tried both (hey, I have a dishwasher). The Pinot glass enhanced the fruitiness of the wine, the Bordeaux glass brought out the spicy aspects ... wanting something that would bite me back this evening opted for the Bordeaux. The nose was rich in spice, licorice and a smoky-bacony quality ... palate-wise there was lots of red and black fruit, along with vanilla oak and white pepper with an almost sweet cranberry-chocolate finish ... very enjoyable. I think I made the right glass choice with this one.

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