Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fielding Estate Winery 2009 Lot 17 Riesling (Ontario)

Today we did some grocery shopping and some gardening - it was a quiet around the house weekend.  We ended up at Tony's Fish Market in St. Catharines where we bought some salmon and some mussels ... the mussels had to be eaten quickly (fresh mussels are always better than ones that sit out for too long) so I made them late in the afternoon as a pre-dinner snack.  The recipe called for some white wine, so I yanked out this bottle of Fielding wine, a delicous Riesling from the 2009 vintage.  I used a cup in the recipe and then poured two glasses to enjoy with it ... on it's own it was a delicious wine which I have previously reviewed ... but I can't recommend it in with the mussels, it brought about a sweetness in the seafood that, while tasty at first, became too sweet the more mussels eaten.  I would recommend a dried wine for the recipe, but for sipping along with them, this would have been just fine.

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