Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Masi 2007 Campofiorin (Italy)

Second night in a row that I have opted for Italian and the second night in a row I have gone with a Ripasso wine in my glass.  The Amarone Tasting from Monday reminded me what I really like (and can afford) from Italy, Ripasso, and I wanted to see what Masi's newest addition to the Campofiorin line was like.  Masi, the originators of the Ripasso style/method, call their wine Campofiorin with an explanation on the back of the method used to make the wine.  It is also interesting to note that this is the first time ever that Masi has declared a 5-star vintage two years in a row.  They declared 2006 as a five star and the proof is above the vintage year on the front label (you can clearly see the 5 star designation) ... the 2007 bares the same marking, and I am told that the folks at Masi went through a struggle to declare 07 because they don't want to seem like they are declaring all vintages as "the best" ... but considering they have declared only 7 since 1942, this is a rare occurance in and of itself ... now 2007 is the 8th such declaration. 

So I have talked your ear off about the declaration of vintages, the proof is not just above the year but should be in the glass.  I have had sips from this wine in the past 3 months but I have yet to pop the top on a bottle and try it over the course of an evening.  Nose is beautiful with plums and chocolate and slight floral notes.  The palate is also alluring with its good backbone of acidity holding up cherries, raspberries and a touch of spice ... the finish brings me back to the chocolate that lingers on the nose.  Lovely and only gonna get better over the next 10 years.  I actually believe this to be a better wine than the 2006 ... heresy you say, you be the judge, I'll stick to my declaration, that is until I try the 06 again. Cheers.

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