Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vignoble Verzier 2008 Chante-Perdrix Empreinte (France)

When friends come over and you`re `low carbing` it makes drinking a little difficult.  You can`t have beer, because that beverage is just full of carbs (all carbs and nothing but carbs), but wine is fine, if you are not on what they call `the induction phase` - now considering I just started 5 days ago, and induction lasts 2 weeks ... well you see the dilemma.  I nursed a white wine until a friend, who had just visited France`s Rhone region pulled out this bottle.  Well, one little taste can`t hurt, can it?  Turns out it was more than a taste because the wine was so good (a glass is alright, right?)  The nose was raspberry and strawberry with hints of white pepper - the smell was absolutely beautiful and had a sniff-all-day quality to it.  The palate pretty much found a way to mirror the nose with the red fruit and pepper notes being mainly black cherry with a mix of white and black pepper and a great mouthfeel.  So it was two glasses, big deal, that seemed only right, didn`t want to be rude to my friends, and nobody likes to drink alone (I have a ton of excuses why these two glasses were okay) ...

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