Monday, November 21, 2011

Bodegas Campina 2007 Sabor Real Vinas Centenarias Tempranillo (Spain)

Not too sure about this one.  The first bottle was corked and uninviting (as corked wines usually are) - I took a sip to make sure and wish that I hadn't.  Then I opened a second bottle and it was not much better than the first.  I really liked the nose on this one, really very pretty with lots of plum and vanilla notes, but the palate does not co-operate with the signals the nose is sending, it's too something: too woody, too dry, too unappealing, too much of a foul finish.  There was really not much to be excited about here.  I let it sit in the glass for about an hour with the occasional swirl and re-sniff - the wine had a great nose - but the palate just continue to be all wood all the time.  Maybe the first bottle tainted my palate, but the nose and palate just didn't mesh here and that was its biggest problem.  

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