Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bower Harbor Vineyards 2005 Erica Vineyard Cabernet Franc (Michigan)

This is one of the bottles in my collection that has special meaning.  First, it was a bottle acquire during my only trip (so far) to Michigan wine country - the birth state of my wife.  Second, the single vineyard where this Franc comes from is named "Erica" - same as my wife.  And third, it's Cabernet Franc, one of my favourite grapes.  It's as if this wine was meant for us to buy it.  In an attempt to preserve the memories of our trip I have kept this bottle and have also kept telling myself I should open it, because not only does the label matter but (if memory serves) the wine inside was pretty good too.  The first sniff almost set my nose on fire, very spicy - but with a little more aeration and time in glass it settled into aromas of spiced and peppered dark fruit.  The palate had similar features but also took on a bit of a wooden character on the finish.  The more it remained open the drier the finish seemed to get and some tobacco leaf started coming out as a predominant finishing flavour.  After about 45-minuters the wine had settled into where it would end (for me anyway) - the wood character became wood spice on the finish and there was a definite hint of spiced and peppered cranberries on the mid-palate.  Still a good wine and it went well with dinner.  I have also kept the bottle for the three reasons mention above.

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