Monday, July 16, 2012

Giesen 2011 Marlborough Riesling (New Zealand)

I first tasted this wine at the New Zealand tasting event in Toronto, and I really liked it, giving it 4+ stars out of 5.  Now that I have bought and tried an entire bottle I can safely say that yes, I still like it - but now have more to say about it.  The nose is talc, green apple and limeade which is very appealing.  The palate is a mix of green and delicious apples - with a hint of Fuji thrown in for good measure; there's also a great lemonade note along with a mango finish.  It seamlessly blends the sweet and the tart so that you constantly get a different take with each sip, plus there's a lovely mineral note to the wine that appears with each sip.  As the wine warms in the glass the sweet starts to dominate, I guess the tartness is brought on by the chill ... but at 10.5% alcohol this one can easily be consumed while it is still chilled with little to no difficulty - and with very little headache at the end.

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CB said...

Took you tip ..

It was excellent