Sunday, October 28, 2012

Robert Mondavi 2005 Private Selection Vinetta

When am I ever going to learn?  Or better yet, when will wine producers ever learn?  It seems the 2005 was the year of the plastic cork - not only do I find them plugging and gumming up the works of Ontario wines, but I also find them on bottles of 2005's from around the world.  This wine was the first meritage blend Mondavi did under the "Private Selection" label - and you would have hoped they'd've use a better closure for such an occasion.  But alas they did not.  The good news is that their lack of forethought and foresight did not ruin my enjoyment completely.  The wine was still very dark when opened - the underside of the corked was stained black.  The fruit was still very dark and slightly peppered with hints of plum also present.  That lasted through while I was making dinner (about 15-20 minutes) ... then it began to show it's oxidative side very quickly and within 40 minutes of opening the wine was undrinkable and unrecognizable from my first sip.  Alas, I hope that Mondavi have fixed this error in judgement for this wine because something tells me it would age rather gracefully given the proper treatment.


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