Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marietta Cellars Lot No. 44 Old Vine Red (California)

This non-vintage Zinfandel based wine has long been a favorite and I usually buy it when I am in the states because it happens to be cheap as chips down there.  I guess it's just the simplicity of the wine that gets me, the fruit and spice but ultimately the plumminess.  The nose on this now well aged version (the current release is No. 58) is full of plum, vanilla, dried blackberry and spiced currants ... the taste has a juicy and plummy note with vanilla, cola with a lovely bit of spice on the finish.  If you read the tasting notes from the winemaker from when this wine was released it says, "The lush berry fruit and peppery spice are the hallmarks of the nose, and the mouth is big and lush with ample acidity and tannin for a very smooth balanced finish." ... I would have to say it still has all that and a little more.

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