Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tamar Ridge 2011 Pinot Noir The Devil's Corner (Australia)

I'm a Tasmanian Pinot fan ... have been since my very first sip of Josef Chromy wine ... I like the fruit, the delicacy, the eye opening acidity and yet the alcohols seem to match with what many think of as Australian wines (usually high) but they don't seem to interfere with the enjoyment of the wine (read: get in the way).  A week or so ago another Tasmanian Pinot hit the Ontario market and if the name doesn't get you the wine inside will.  Devil's Corner is a delicious Pinot filled with all the things I love about Tasmanian Pinot Noir:  lovely spice, great acidity, powerful yet with restrained fruit - sounds like a bit of a dichotomy but in truth you just have to taste one to believe it.  Cherry, cranberry - all with that seam of acidity to keep it fresh.  I can't seem to remember what I had for dinner tonight - but I sure do remember this wine quite vividly.

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