Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tyrrell's Wines 2003 Rufus Stone Shiraz (Australia)

Earlier this week I mis-posted a 2001 Merlot as a 2003 wine, I knew I had 2003 on the brain for some reason and it's because I had pulled this wine out at the same time I yanked out the Merlot ... while the Merlot was impressive at twelve years old I thought this 10 year old Shiraz was even more impressive.  The nose had an absolute crap-load of cassis on it when first opened, then along came black raspberries and balsamic strawberries ... pretty intense.  The palate changed over the course of about an hour and a halfIt started out with cassis, cocoa nibs and a rather rough / raw finish; within about 15 minutes the finish started to develop those tell-tale peppery notes that Shiraz is known for ... the wine just kept smoothing out and becoming more recognizable as Shiraz and by the hour-and-a-half mark it proved that it had been amazingly well preserved (screwcap closure) with great dark fruit and pepper notes and just a touch of something dried ... really very impressive if you have the patience to let it sit.

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