Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cline 2006 Big Break Zinfandel (California)

I have quite a few Zinfandels in my wine collections, but none is more precious to me than my Cline 2006 Big Break Zinfandel ... it's a silly reason really, they just happen to be the most expensive bottles of Zinfandel I own, and like many people who hold onto wine they feel is precious I don't want to open it until precisely the right time.  We had a friend coming over tonight for an impromptu visit and I needed something to serve.  I pulled out a starter bottle of Chardonnay (reviewed here) but I needed a red to go with dinner.  Granted we weren't going gourmet tonight (remember it was an impromptu visit) we were grilling up some burgers ... but our friend has just recently found (or re-found) Zinfandel, and so I can't just pour them any old bottle - so I brought out one of my prized possessions.  I have to say I am critical about expensive bottles - I paid quite a bit of money for these and want them to be just right ... and happily this one is.  Plum and baked cherry along with baking spice, vanilla, reduced cola and spiced plum, all made an appearance either on the nose, palate, or both .  My wife is more of a white drinker so she stuck with something light - but I just know I impressed our friend, she drank the whole glass and asked for seconds.  And I know I impressed myself, it was so good.

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