Sunday, April 28, 2013

Can Blau 2006 Can Blau (Spain)

It's Sunday, and the Kawartha Flavour Festival is now behind us.  My seminar went well and now I am sitting in a bed and breakfast (Golden Pathways) eating the topping off some anchovy and hot pepper pizza - I thing there are hot peppers on it too - trust me it was not my choice ... anyway I do have this bottle of the Spanish Can Blau with me, a blend of Mazuelo, Shiraz and Grenache.  I am a huge Blau fan so I am exicted abot opening this wine.  Upon capsule removal I am staring at a plastic cork (with some trepidation I might add); and I'm also thinking, 'how often do you get a Spanish wine with plastic cork, after all they make cork in Spain - weird.  The folks who are staying with me have quite a bit of wine knowledge themselves and also looked chagrinned that plastic is on the docket as wine closer.  But as it goes into the glass and up to the nose one of them says, "it comes off as a full aged red" - at only 6 years old I'm not sure that's a great thing to say, but the wine ends up being a very pleasant mix of dried red fruit and spice, quite enjoyable to drink.  I know I have more bottles sitting at home in the cellar which means it is time to drink them this summer.  If you have some bottles too I would recommend the same. 

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