Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sister's Run 2008 Gomersol Cabernet Sauvignon

A Thursday night with the BBQ on, what in the world to drink is the main question ... we're doing a simple supper of burgers (flame grilled to perfection) and I'm in the mood for something rich from Australia.  I have also recently finished my Vintages Release report and remember a wine from a winery called Sister's Run, I'm pretty sure I still have something from them left in the cellar, and so the choice is made.  The difficult part will be to find it.  Thankfully it's an easy one to locate because of the red screw cap closure.  I have to admit I thought I had a Shiraz in the cellar but it turned out to be a Cabernet, was I disappointed?  Only for a minute, because once I got a whiff and a taste of this wine, the smile on my face went ear to ear.  What a delightfully silky smooth wine with plum, cassis, vanilla, chocolate and a delight of a raspberry finish ... looking through my inventory I am sad to report I have not a single bottle left of this delicious wine (as the French say, "c'est dommage") - guess I'm just gonna have to buy something else from these guys.

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