Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bodegas Juan Gil 2008 Wrongo Dongo (Spain)

I'm a big fan of Juan Gil winesThis is one I found while I was in Florida, and unbeknownst to me this was a Juan Gil wine - I found that out when I got home and was logging the wine into my CellarTracker account ... it's what made me realize (and solidify) I was a fan of Gil wines.  Anyway it's a beautiful early-fall evening here and we put on the charcoal BBQ to make some steaks for dinner (nothing beats a charcoal grilled steak for flavour).  I went into the cellar and pulled out two Spanish wines (I noticed this was a synthetic closure so I wanted a back-up).  Hazzah, the wine turned out to be fine (thankfully it wasn't too old), not as fresh as I would have liked but it definitely had character.  Dried black cherry and blackberry on the nose, a palate that was also filled with black fruit and a little spice, along the lines of white pepper ... there was also some oak tannins on the finish that seem to want to take over, it makes me think there isn't much time left for this wine to be enjoyable - had I waited another year (or two) I would have had some serious problems with this one - for now it is tasty and drinkable and should pair well with dinner.

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