Monday, November 3, 2008

Familia Zuccardi 2007 FuZion (Argentina)

I find myself talking about simplicity a lot these days, you know: this is simple, that's simple, make things simple - the world seems complicated enough, why do we have to make the simple things complicated. Of course I am referring to wine, but this can be applied elsewhere too. Tonight I simplified everything. After a day of trying many (and I do mean many) Italian wines I decided to twist the cap on something that has become all the rage here in Ontario, a wine that has managed to knock off Yellow Tail off its perch as the Number One wine sold here in Ontario (at the LCBO) - 2007 FuZion. A blend of 70% Shiraz and 30% Malbec that has taken the Ontario market and consumers by storm because of it's $7.45 price tag - I told a press agent, who represents the wine in the UK, that "it's Ontario's equivalent to two-buck Chuck", we just don't see that kind of price on a good wine. I'm not saying this wine will wow-the-crowd at a posh dinner - but if you want simple that's exactly what you'll get here. Rich, ripe and juicy black and blue berries with a touch of spice. If you expect a little you'll get a lot out of this wine ... the best part, besides the price, is it's simple nature: just drink and enjoy. Oh and good luck finding a bottle.

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