Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wente 2007 Morning Fog Chardonnay (California)

A soy and ginger cod seemed the perfect match to a glass of Chardonnay and I decided to give a try to the 2007 vintage of my favourite California Chardonnay from 2006. Turned out to be not a bad idea at all. The nose was toasted oak, buttery, unripe peach and vanilla nuanced, while the palate brought back the butter along with coconut, crisp white peach, vanillas and banana chips. I found this version a little more oaky than the previous vintage but still one of the more pleasant 16 dollar Chardonnays from California (in Ontario, Canada anyway).

Addendum: In a conversation with Carolyn Wente the next day I learned that there was less oak used in this wine than last year - though she did state: "I find the Morning Fog needs about 6 months to settle down and integrate in the bottle ... this was just released in July [2008]." So by my calculations in February 2009 all that rich oakiness should be melded with the fruit ... I say it'll be worth trying again then.

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