Monday, August 10, 2009

Left Foot Charley 2008 Pinot Blanc (Michigan)

Left Foot Charley is one of those wineries without property. They have working space, but they have no vines to call their own. They instead opt for long term contracts with growers, picking the sites they believe will grow the best grapes for the wines they want to make. The brains behind LFC is Brian Ulbrich, who seems to have gotten quite a reputation for making some pretty good whites up in the Traverse City area (Northern Michigan). I popped into his state-of-the-art urban winery, located in an old asylum (Northern Michigan Asylum) ... an interesting place for sure - especially for a whacky winemaker. Now safely at home (or at least in a home) I popped the cork on this one to enjoy it with a nice chicken dish. My fiancee and I dickered a little over the smell, she got fresh apple pie, I got sweet melon, we both picked up a little lemon. We also agreed that the taste was nothing like the smell: lots of fresh white fruits, a little pear, some melon, and maybe some apple (I admitted grudgingly) all with a citrus undertone and just a hint of sweetness with great balancing acidity and nice 12.5% alcohol level. I am surprised and excited to see Pinto Blanc doing so well in Michigan.

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