Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael & David Phillips 2006 "7 Deadly Zins" (California)

Every time I go down to the U.S. invariably someone will ask me to buy them a bottle of "7 Deadly". It is one of those wines that stands out in the mind of Zinfandel lovers, not just for it's unique name but for it's unique concept, and of course the poetry on the back label that encompasses all the sins within. But saying you're buying a bottle of wine for the poetry on the back label is like saying "I buy Penthouse for the articles" - that just doesn't fly, what you're buying this wine for is what's inside the bottle, not the packaging. And it is something of beauty. A nose of plum, chocolate-covered-cherries, vanilla and a hint of spice; it bites a little upon opening but once it settles and aerates that spiciness softens and smooths with lots of juicy red and black fruits with just a hint of vanilla for flavour ... so decadent it should be a sin, or a Zin as the case my be. The finish is all plum and spiced-vanilla. As for the number 7, it not only refers to the sins but for the 7 growers, of Old Vines Zinfandel grapes, that is used in the making of this wine.

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