Saturday, July 30, 2011

An Afternoon of Ontario Riesling (Ontario)

After a morning of gardening (or should I say weed ripping, frustration and sweat) we decided to spend our afternoon tasting the products of a few wineries in the area as I was looking to complete an article on Gamay Noir I had been working on and needed a few more tasting notes to add.  My wife is a Riesling fanatic and thus a stop at Featherstone for a taste of their Black Sheep 2010 and to Cave Spring for a glass of 2009 Dolomite were a must (both also produce Gamay, so it was two birds with one stone) ... with 7 Rieslings on the menu my wife was prompted to call Cave Spring "Riesling heaven".  It was then time to head home, and once there, we decided to keep up the Riesling high as two more bottles of the grape's output were opened.  A sumptuous 2010 Norman Hardie offering and we also dug back in time and pulled out a bottle of 2006 Dolomite from Cave Spring.  Each wine we tried seemed to get better than the last ... summer afternoons, and evenings, were made for Riesling.  

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