Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dynamite Vineyard 2008 Zinfandel - North Coast (California)

Tonight's dinner was bbq back ribs, and that means a no-brainer to drink: Zinfandel.  I had recently acquired this bottle of Dynamite Zinfandel (not a review just the name) from Michigan for under ten bucks, around $8.99US, and with the exchange rate being what it is that means I got it for even less than that.  I couldn't have asked for much more from an under $10 Zin - it had lots of plum, vanilla and black cherry aromas to start with, the palate followed pretty much the same way with hints of wood-spice as the opening bite.  As the wine opened further and I got deeper into my mound of ribs the wine developed a cinnamon plum sensation and gentle spice through the mouth.  Not dynamite, but pretty darn good.

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Derrick said...

Love your reviews, going to try this brand tomorrow...should be fun as I've always shyed away from Zinfandels. Keep it up!