Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quail's Gate 2005 Merlot and La Posta 2008 Malbec (British Columbia / Argentina)

This is the tale of two wines and a Saturday night family BBQ:  a Quail's Gate 2005 Merlot and a La Posta 2008 Malbec.  Both wines were good but it was the Quail's Gate that had the complexity and structure to go with the steak dinner.  Woody with cassis and pepper notes on the nose; while the palate benefited from the constant stirring and aeration of the Schott Zwiesel Bordeaux glass  The flavours were of spiced blackberry and pepper along with decent tannins (that held up to the meat) and a slight woody character ... the fruit was starting to subside so it was definitely time to drink this one.  On the other hand, the La Posta, while good, was a one note song after the complex and tertiary flavours of the Quail's Merlot, rich dark fruit that was smooth and easy, good for the after dinner sit around and chat-fest.  Best part of the Quail's Gate Merlot is that we could all feel like outlaws drinking it, I brought it back from my trip out west a few years back, so we were all consuming contraband.

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