Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vigne Regali (Banfi) 2008 La Lus Albarossa

I'd tell you I feel like I'm flogging a dead horse here, but this horse is far from dead ... I found myself at my brother's new house for dinner tonight and decided that I would bring along one of my newest favourite wines ... why should he not enjoy what I have found, plus, over the years he has turned me on to some really good beer, so I thought I'd repay the favour with the fermented grape.  I have written about this wine extensively in blog posts about Banfi tastings: in the spring and in the fall ... and then a larger post for Ottawa Life magazine's blog a couple weeks ago ... so if you have not read about it yet I am going to suggest linking up to one of those pieces to see what I am fussing about, the Ottawa Life piece is probably the fullest and best of the bunch.  Anyway, after tasting the wine in my own glass amongst family I can tell you that my admiration for the wine has grown even more.  If you haven't yet purchased some you might be out of luck - but search around anyway, you won't be disappointed.

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