Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hartley-Ostini 2009 Hitching Post Pinot Noir Hometown (California)

My inner chef came out tonight as I made a pea pasta and bay scallop dinner ... sounds odd but it tasted delicious.  The wine I chose to pair with it was a Hitching Post Hometown Pinot Noir - as a big fan of the movie Sideways it only seemed  fitting that I have a few bottles of this wine in my cellar ... I had planned to sip on it while watching the movie but the urge to drink it tonight came over me and I thought it might go well with the pea sauce and the scallops.  It did.  The nose is full of ripe black cherry - it really smells sweet fruited and lures you into the glass along with some cinnamon and vanilla backing ... the palate isn't sweet but it really is juicy with cherry and good acidity on the finish.  I also find a little spice here that really helps bring the whole wine together.  Acidity, spice and lots of fruit, what a pretty glass ... and now empty bottle ... of wine.

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