Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ninquén Mountain Vineyard 2010 Antu Syrah (Chile)

It was a long drive to Michigan (not really longer than usual, but when it is done later in the day it feels longer), and when I got to my in-laws I allowed myself to unwind with a big red.  I've had this Antu Syrah before, and in fact have a number of bottles in my cellar, and for good reason - it's really good and it's getting better.  The nose was so full of raspberry it seemed to almost take over the glass, there was other stuff there too but the raspberry was the most noticeable and very welcome.  As it sat in the glass the raspberry mellowed, but it was what was on the palate that made this wine:  mocha, pepper, smoked meat, and of course, raspberry.  A beauty of a bottle to unwind with.

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