Friday, August 2, 2013

Vina Cobos 2008 Felino Malbec (Argentina)

After an array of Chardonnay, starting with a Closson Chase 2011 Loyalist, then two from Lailey Vineyard, I thought it about time in the evening to get something a little heavier and something with a little deeper colour, namely a red.  I had picked out a Malbec as an after dinner sipper, unbeknownst to me that our friend was a huge Malbec fan.  This Vina Cobos version I have had in the cellar for quite some time and was enthralled with it when I bought it - though I can't seem to find any previous notes on it.  The fruit and the oak have melded really well together here so they seem almost seamless.  Cassis and spice dominate with oak carrying them and not trying to over-shadow them - the fruit and spice rest delicately on the wood - heck I don't know how many more ways I can say it ... this wine drink real fine right now.

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