Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gaia Wines 2007 Notios (Greece)

Most of the wines I open I have an idea of what they will (or should) taste and smell like, sometimes I am surprised (pleasantly) or disappointed (sadly) ... but tonight I pulled out a wine from my haul last night. You see last night I was at a fundraiser held by Tony Aspler for his charity of choice - Grapes for Humanity - I was a "heavy", as Tony called us; no I was not the bouncer, I was carrying boxes of wine out to people's cars. As a token of thank you Tony past those working for him a few bottles of mystery-wine and tonight I opened one of my bottles. It's from Greece, made by Gaia Wines and from the Agiorgitiko grape - sub-named "Peloponnisos Regional Wine" ... and you know what? For a bottle that I received in gratitude and gratis I have to say I am quite happy with it. Red fruit dominated with a touch of spice and herbs, beautiful colour and easy drinking - just a bit of tannins, very interesting; and as it opens up it develops red cherries and sweet vanilla. Not sure what I'm having for dinner yet but the wine it will go with is very nice. Thanks Tony.

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