Sunday, September 7, 2008

J. Lohr 2005 Bay Mist Riesling (California)

After a weekend of speaking and being on the road it was nice to sit back and relax ... I had brought a bottle along from home just for this moment - a J. Lohr 2005 Bay Mist Riesling, in the hopes that it was everything I remembered it to be when I tried it the first time. Thankfully this bottle did not disappoint. The nose was full of tropical, floral, lychee, and white peachy (had to go for the rhyme) - there was also a definite smell of parafin or petrol and on the tongue it was pure enjoyment, a touch sweet with just the right amount of acidity and all those smells mentioned above came across as flavours. When I think of Riesling I don't usually think California, but this one sure gives one pause, if only for a moment.

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