Monday, June 1, 2009

Marques de Vitoria 2000 Crianza (Spain)

I don't know about your wine cellar but mine is organized a little differently than most. Most of the wine cellars I have seen are usually organized by country - mine is done by year. Tonight, it was suggested to me that I try something from Spain - that sounded good to me so I went searching for something Spanish to quench my wine Jones - but I can't just head over to the Spain section I have to comb through the years until I find what I am looking so; so I went towards some of my oldest stuff because I knew I kept some Old World wines there. I found this bottle just where I thought it would be - a 100% Tempranillo aged 12 months in new American oak - I read that off of the bottle, but there was no other information to be had. Now this bottle is 9 years old and I was hoping for some fruit and a little wood character - and that is precisely what I got. Nice dried black fruit, a little spice and silky smooth palate. Looks like I found the sweet spot for this bottle - glad it was suggested I go Spanish tonight and I'm glad my instincts took me to something old.

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