Monday, June 22, 2009

Peninsula Cellars 2006 Dry Riesling (Michigan)

Over the last week or so I have been traveling the highways and bi-ways of Northern Michigan. Did you know they had a thriving wine industry up there (or is that down there - depends on your point of view I guess), heck they have about 64 wineries in total throughout the state, and about half reside around Traverse City. I brought a case and a half of wine back home with me, which I am storing with my fiancee in her basement, and will gladly drink it with her when I visit. This was the first bottle we uncorked, a 2006 Peninsula Cellars Dry Riesling. Now a dry Riesling in 2006 was a tough find in Michigan - from what the folks at Peninsula Cellars were telling me. Their customers were still looking for Rieslings with perceptible residual sugar. But the weather (and growing season) favoured something a little drier that year, and by George they gave it to them. Now some 3 years later this wine is holding up quite nicely with a nose loaded with lemon, lime and a slight petrol note; the palate follows the same path, but adds a Granny Smith apple taste to the long finish, and a nice bit of acidity to keep everything nice and dry. In 2008, dry Rieslings are much more prevalent, and I'll be reviewing a few more in the coming days - but this wine shows what taking a chance can do. Michigan does make some very fine (dry) Rieslings indeed.

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