Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nichol, Vineyard 2005 Syrah (British Columbia)

This wine was purchased during my trip to British Columbia last year. I was over at mom and pop's place for dinner, after my few weeks away in Michigan traveling their wine route. I figured since mom had been with me during its purchase it would be nice to go back to last summer for today's family BBQ. I popped the cork and poured the wine - a funny smell emanated from the glass, and not a pleasant smell either. It wasn't corked, it was just unpleasantly funny. My mom asked, "did we try this wine?" I know we had and we had enjoyed it. Was this a case of enjoying the wine in the place of origin but getting it home was a different story? I decided to let the wine sit and see what happened. About 30-minutes later the wine was a completely different beast altogether. The funky smell was gone replaced by such things as black cherries, pepper, sweet red fruit and black licorice whips; there was even a savoury meat quality to the smell, I described it as "sweet meat" like a well-seasoned pastrami or corned beef. The palate opened up a little quicker, say within 15 minutes, the funny taste dissipated and it was drinking well with white pepper with some spicy goodness along with sweet red and black fruit. Obviously this wine needs a little time to open up, and when it does ... yum.

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