Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gonzalez Byass Solera 1847 (Spain)

I apologize in advance to you Sherry purist out there, but I like my Sherry on the sweet side, which is why I like Cream Sherries, Pedro Ximinez based Sherries and ones like this Gonzalez Byass 1847. The story behind this sherry is that the original Solera was started in 1847. For those who understand the way that sherry is made I'll wait while you 1) read that again and 2) whistle your amazement. Anyway, the theory is that somewhere in this beverage is some sherry from 1847 ... by now we're talking a very minuscule amount, but it theoretically should be in there. It makes interesting talk around the table, but by the time you are ready to drink this I would suggest you find a nice cozy couch and curl up with a glass. The nose is candied orange peel, roasted almonds and burnt caramel; the palate is just as intriguing with honey roasted almonds, a nuts and raisins trail mix of sorts, all soaked in a caramel-booze base, and of course there's a great long finish ... this is one to sip and savour.


Mary said...

Hi there!

I'm actually looking for a particular wine that I had the opportunity to sample when I was in London last year. I'm not too familiar with wines but am trying to learn more about it so I'm not sure how to ask this but I'll try!

So basically I'm looking for this Solera 1847 - but it's not the cream that I keep hearing about. It was sweet but not as sweet as a cream sherry I recently bought (thinking it was what I had sampled). The one I tried was a deep amber, and clear, so not a cream. I have no idea which one this is and how to purchase it now! Would you have any idea? I remember it had a lovely caramel taste to it! I'd love your help with this.

Michael Pinkus - Grape Guy said...

Hello Mary ... I have to admit this is the only Solera 1847 I know of - I would need a little more to go on.