Monday, September 7, 2009

Pikes 2001 Clare Valley Cabernet-Merlot (Australia)

The 5 year old Yellow Tail fiasco behind me I moved on to something else. This time I dove deeper into my wine cellar and found this 8 year old Cabernet Merlot in the cheesiest bottle I've ever seen. The label had very little on it (besides the producer and grape varieties) and the bottle shape was so standard I think they sell them 10-cents a dozen at the local U-Brew. But if ever there was a bottle of wine that proved packaging isn't always a good indication about what's in the bottle, it's this one. The nose was complex with cinnamon, clove, dried blackberry and herbal notes. The palate offered up lots of flavour including white pepper, cinnamon, herbs and some tannins. It also threw a ton of sediment into my final glass, but boy was I ever impressed with this one.

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