Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Old World Nightmare Evening

I felt like a bottle of something Italian, so I rummaged around in the cellar and found a bottle of 2001 Velletri (by Cantine di Campoverde - grapes? I have no idea) - popped the cork and was hit by a rush of, as mom would say, "no good smell". The wine had turned to vinegar long ago, I still tasted it to confirm, and yes, it was off.

Next, I rummaged deeper into the cellar and found a bottle of 2000 Chateau Saint Cyrgues from the Costieres de Nimes (France), this was a nondescript wine that got worse the longer it was opened. It was harsh on the palate with little in the way of flavour or smell - I didn't waste more than 5 minutes on it before realizing I had another dud on my hands. Sometimes waiting isn't the best thing.

Finally, I stopped my digging and went over to a rack of favourites that I know rarely, if ever, disappoint. I chose a Bodegas Castano 2005 Hecula, usually a show stopper, but this time it seemed dumb. It had muted black licorice, black fruit and spice on the nose; black and blue fruit with a lingering graphite note on the finish, along with some odd fruity notes - everything just seemed not right with this bottle. Looking at my past notes of this wine , which are less than 6 months old, I think I got a bum bottle here. Guess it just wasn't my night - sometimes you have to accept that and move on. Life really is too short to drink bad wine.

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Nemesis said...

I was recommended the '06 Hecula in the Vintages section a few weeks ago... I found it to be a decent value red, loved the first glass because of the fruit, but by the second I was craving more structure.

I guess I've come to love Ontario reds for the fact that the gems from nice years really evolve both in bottle and in glass!