Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adelsheim Pinot and Coudoulis Lirac (Oregon / France)

It's Sunday, the last day of the Ontario Wine Awards judging - the day traditionally saved for the sweeties ... and it went off without a hitch.  Afterward, during lunch, someone pulled out a bottle of Adelsheim 1994 Polk County Pinot Noir - Seven Springs Vineyard, an few ooo's and a couple ahh's went around the room.  People who were preparing to leave suddenly shucked their coats and grabbed a glass.  The cork went pop and the wine splashed into a number of glasses.  Tony Aspler proclaimed that 1994 was a good year in Oregon, as he eyed up the bottle.  Now we all hold our collective breaths as we look at the wine our glass, the room goes quiet, there is a universal sniffing sound, some slurps and swishes as we taste.  Not half bad for a 16 year old Pinot.  The nose is earthy with dried cranberry, and forest floor / dried leaves notes.  Still has decent acidity and some tannins to back it up - the tannins overwhelm the fruit but there is still some stuffing here that makes it enjoyable with dried fruit and a chalky finish ... big thanks to Jan for this.

Later that evening, as I am whipping up some dinner (hamburgers) I grab a bottle of Domaine Coudoulis 2006 Lirac - a blend of Grenache, Syrah ad Mourvedre ... The wine is big and bold and spicy.  The nose is full of red berry fruit, white pepper and blackberries while the palate is peppery, spicy with blackberry, cassis and big tannins.  Turned out to be a perfect mach for the meat. What an interesting day for wine.

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