Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sandeman 2000 Late Bottled Vintage Port (Portugal)

It's not often that I don't have a wine with dinner, but tonight was one of those rare occasions ... instead I looked forward to dessert because I had located a bottle of 2000 Late Bottled Vintage Port in my cellar (actually I have three of them).  Most LBVs have one of those quick twist caps on them, you Port drinkers know what I'm talking about, a plastic cap you can twist to open and attached to the underneath is half of inch (or so) of cork.  This particular bottle did not have this featured cork, instead it was a real honest to goodness cork (and a long one at that) ... not that this made any difference to the wine, just thought I would mention it.  As for the Port, the aromas were hard to pick out, but there was definitely a touch of black cherry.  On the palate there was the typical chocolate, black cherry, blackberry and spice; there was also a long cocoa finish ... but one thing I was not ready for was the big shot of acidity, it seemed that on every second sip there was overwhelming acid bite - product of an aged LBV or of the vintage?  Maybe a second bottle will need to be opened sooner rather then later.  And over the next few weeks as I make my way through the bottle (you don't finish a bottle of Port in one sitting) I'll get to see if that mellows or if the fruit comes more to the fore.  Interesting experiment to say the least.

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