Saturday, March 26, 2011

Golden Mile Cellars 2006 Zinfandel (British Columbia)

Now here's a wine that's a collector's item - or at least the bottle is.  This is a wine not usually found outside California, Zinfandel - oh, sure it is called Primitivo in Italy, but rarely do you see the name Zinfandel on the label outside the Golden State, but here it is in British Columbia Canada.  But that's not the part that is a collector's item.  Nope, this wine was produced by Golden Mile Cellars which technically is no more, they are now called Road 13 - same winery, same owners, they just decided to give the name (Golden Mile) back to the particular part of the Okanagan Valley their winery resides in - the Golden Mile.  I visited them when they were still Golden Mile Cellars and bought one of my favourite grape varieties, thrilled to see it here in Canada, even if it is on the other coast.  The wine is really really spicy with lots of pepper and spice notes on both the nose, and especially the palate ... there's a touch of plum on the palate also, but it too becomes very spiced by association, and the finish ends up being a dried sour plum ... with plenty of spice.  Tasty wine with grilled meats, which is exactly what I had with it.

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