Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bouchard Pere & Fils 2001 Macon-Superieur (France)

Here we are on a Wednesday night ready to serve up some salmon, trying to decide what to grab out of the cellar.  The right side of the brain says Chardonnay is the right choice, the left side is telling me that there is an interesting bottle of Pinot just sitting there ... I like to take chances so the Pinot it is.  I'll have to say the first sip (no food) was interesting but not exciting.  It was drinkable, as there was a hit of fruit, but it was a quick hit that did not linger, or even give you opportunity to figure out what the fruit was.  Aromas were almost non-existent.  With the food it was just sour and unappealing, so I let it sit while I had dinner and then moved on to figuring out this wine.  As it turned out it never did really come around to be anything wonderful ... nor did it turn into a pile of dung - it kind of stay in the glass as a non-descript red wine, maybe a little spice on the palate, and it was most definitely dry.  My wife, who also gave this wine a few sips thought she got a little initial fruit also, but it was so quick it become indistinguishable.  In the end the best thing I could say about this is that it was wine, a red wine that was neither good, nor bad, just red wine.

NB:  It has been pointed out to me that the wine is actually a Gamay Noir, not a Pinot Noir ... still a good choice with salmon but not this evening.  As the person who pointed this out to me said: "at 10 years old likely better in the sauce pan than a glass" ... now we know what happens to aged Gamay - so drink early, and if you have a lot of it, drink often.

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