Friday, April 8, 2011

Azienda Agricola Svoltacarrozze di Meoni Sebastiana 2004 Toscana (Italy)

This is one of those wines with a very eye catching label but might not be what you expect inside.  The label is modern and stylish, the wine inside - quite rustic.  This red is made from Sangiovese Grosso and Cabernet Sauvignon; I thought the Cabernet would help smooth out the Sangio, but in fact I think it worked the other way around.  The wine was rustic and bitterish by itself, so this is not a sit-by-the-campfire-and-sip-on-it kinda wine.  But where it did do a good job was with some cheese, I pulled out some 6 year old Balderson white cheddar and as it turned out this wine made a beautiful pairing with it ... it was too late in the evening to bbq a steak, but I bet it would have done wonders as both the marinade and the accompaniment.


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