Thursday, April 7, 2011

Torres 1997 Mas La Plana & FontanaFredda 2000 Barolo (Spain / Italy)

What a fabulous little step back in time this was.  I was helping a friend with his wine cellar and discovered a few gems (which obviously he will be opening this summer with friends and family), but he was nice enough to pop the cork on a couple of interesting finds.  Like a 1997 Torres Mas La Plana, a single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain.  Now Spain isn`t known for making Cabernet, in fact, they are more comfortable with Tempranillo and Grenacha, so this is a real treat.  Reading the back of the bottle it says that it can be cellared up to 10 to twelve years, and that`s after close to three years of maturation at the winery ... so, according to Torres, we are at the tale end of the sweet spot for this wine ... or are we?  I won`t leave you in suspense, this wine was a total delight from start to finish.  The nose was earthy with dark fruit and spice aromas that were really very alluring.  The taste doled out dark fruit, earthiness, chocolate liqueur, and a little bit of plum and/or prune (depending if you swirled before sipping); this wine was good to the last drop.  A neighbour showed up and that required a second bottle of something interesting, thus the cork on a bottle FontanaFredda 2000 Barolo had to be pulled.  The nose was sour cherry and spice while the palate was wild with flavours, namely cherry, spice, cinnamon and still an excellent amount of red fruit flavour crossing the tongue.  Tannins were silky, acidity felt balanced and the fruit still starred in this show (though on the dried side).  An excellent little tasting to say the least.  Thinking back upon it made the ride home on the subway much more enjoyable.

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