Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bouchard Pere & Fils 2009 Macon (France)

The bottle says "Vin de Bourgogne", the natural assumption would be Pinot Noir; but I got in trouble making that assumption a few weeks back, when I thought the 2001 version of this wine was Pinot Noir, when in fact it is Gamay (or so I was told).  I re-read the back label of the 2001 Macon Superior and found no mention of the grape in the bottle; this 2009 has it clearly stated on the front label (Gamay), so there is no confusion to be had on this one.  And truth be told it has lovely Gamay colour and flavour, which are simple and delicious.  Pretty red colour with the nose is loaded to the gills with cherry aromas, the palate is red cherry with a hint of spice, which starts to show itself around the third or fourth sip.  I chilled this bottle a little to bring out the red fruit aspect, for those who prefer a little more kick in their Gamay, leave it out of the fridge and drink at room temp - it's also a great experiment to see what a chill does to a red white.  Paired nicely with the Chicken Parmigiana that one's this evening's meal.

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