Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DogRidge 2005 Duck Chase Petit Verdot (Australia)

This is another one of those wines I cellared for a few years (purchased July 2007) ... it was a screwcap wine but I still held it upside down in a box.  Interesting thing about screwcap wines that sit on their cap for a length of time is they seem to develop a sediment in the cap similar to opening a paint can lid ... this one developed that kind of silt.  The result of this sludge-like formation is that it makes the first pour and swig very chewy, and the wine lacks a certain clarity, instead it has a very cloudy look to it, even after let it stand upright for most of the day.  But these are easily forgivable things when a wine is tasty - and this one really was.  The nose was a spiced-chocolate with cinnamon, cassis and black raspberry.  The palate was just as intriguing and changed with time in glass, starting out with cassis, blackberry and white pepper; an hour later an interesting herbal quality developed along with a hint of blueberry.  Tasty and terrific wine ... so tasty and terrific in fact that I can't remember what I had for dinner.

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