Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cline 2005 Red Truck Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

If you read the little red truck's license plate on the front label you'll see that it says Cline, but otherwise you would have no idea this wine is from one of the top Zinfandel producers in the US - just thought I'd mention that as an aside.  But don't worry about that for a minute and think about this easy drinking juicy red (when it was first released) what has now happened to it at 6 years from vintage date?  Well I can tell you that it is really at its peak - especially if you like a layered juicy Cab.  The nose is black cherry, cassis along with some vanilla and cinnamon.  The taste is even better and continues to evolve over a two hour period.  It starts out as a smooth red, almost creamy, with plum, black cherry, vanilla with a hint of pepper on the finish, which mixes with subtle tannins ... 2 hours later it's the finish you'll most remember: plum- chocolate and some alcohol soaked cherries, a few more sips and I was thinking back to black forest cake ... now that's a wine that keeps on giving: great for dinner and then great for dessert.

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