Friday, August 12, 2011

Perrin & Fils 2008 Rasteau L'Andeol - Part 1 (France)

So tonight I did my first trial with a product called Wine Shield which is a product designed to prolong the life of your wine after it has been opened.  It's a bit of a complicated process to get the Shield into the bottle and I am still not quite too sure I did it right - guess I won't know till I finish the bottle - but from my reading it is a plastic food grade blanket that sits on top of the wine protecting it for the air so that each glass tastes as good as the first, or at least the wine won't spoil as quickly.  Tonight I gave it a try with this Rasteau from the Cotes du Rhone region of France, and a good one at that: Perrin & Fils.  I read somewhere that their name on a bottle is as close to a guarantee of quality that you are going to get - and I have to admit that I am rarely disappointed in their wines.  This wine is a blend of Granache and Syrah, with the majority being the Grenache (usually about 80%) ... upon opening it had a lovely nose of plum, dark cherry and spice; the palate showed lots of spice with dark berries and black pepper bite.  Dinner choice was marinated steak and it went quite well together.  I then installed my Wine Shield (hopefully correctly) and now we wait until tomorrow to see what happens.

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