Monday, September 12, 2011

Oak Ridge Winery 2008 OZV (California)

First evening in San Francisco sees me asking the concierge in the hotel if there is a good wine shop near by (what else?); I am pointed in the direction of a nearby Cost Plus, so I make the 5 block walk in search of a good bottle of California wine ... what I find is an interesting store that sells everything from soup to nuts, including ... you guessed it, wine.  This bottle is on sale for a mere $9.99 at the front door, so I put it in the shopping cart and continue on my way.  The guy manning the wine section is very helpful, telling me that the OZV (stands for Old Zin Vines) that I have chosen is oneof the better values on Zin that they have presently.  The wine is made from vines that are between 50-100 years old and boy does that make all the difference in the world.  This is one sexy Zin with dark plum, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, cherry-cola, nutmeg and allspice all piling on board to make this one of the most interesting Zins I have tried in a while.  As it sits in the glass the spiciness get a little better and starts to develop clove notes.  The palate follows in pretty much lock-step with the nose (this is nort a bad thing) and the palate seems to have one of those forever finishes that goes on for days... this is a spectacuar Zin..

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