Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trinchero 2009 Zinfatuation (California)

As the label suggests this is another in a string of Zinfandels I have been drinking here in California over the past week.  This one is an exclusive to Cost Plus World Market, where I had purchased a few bottles in San Francisco.  It's rich and plummy with hints of vanilla and black cherry on the nose.  The palate is plummy with some spice and loads of vanilla - an easy sipper for an afternoon staring out at Monterey Bay trying to pick out sea otters in the bay and on the rocks.  Thinking back to the past week, my favourite Zin on the trip was the first one I tried, but this one is quite lovely and another steal for 8.99 or something ridiculous like that ... like seriously how can you go wrong with a wine that inexpensive, worse case scenario you dump it in the stew.  Well I guess it's cheers from California, tomorrow it's back to the Great White North where I will be screwed at the cash register for even the simplest bottle of wine at our liquor monopoly (good bye free enterprise, hello rubber glove).

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