Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seifried Estate 2005 Nelson Riesling (New Zealand)

I find myself at the Festival Inn in Stratford enjoying the evening with my wife after we returned from the events that took place on the Saturday afternoon at Savour Stratford (a report will follow in the next few days on the On the Road blog).  I brought along a little something special to while away the evening ... at least I am hoping it is special.  Not sure why I have been holding onto this wine like it was gold, I guess I am impressed to have some white other than Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand in my possession.  A curious wine because it started out a little too funky but then seemed to reclaim itself ... let me explain.  The nose started off too petrolly and almost hard to drink, but the palate didn't have that problem, there was little to no petrol there.  So I decided to let it sit and see what happened (our fridge might have also been a little too cold).  Yes petrol was hanging out in the background but there were also smells of apricot and lemon peel.  The taste also proved to be rather interesting with citrus notes in the form of lemon pith, over-ripe pear and some apricot.  As the wine warmed and opened up; after another hour there were hints of green apple and some minerality thru the mouth that disappeared into an apricot-lemon pith finish.  I think this wine has held up rather nicely.

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